In the building of committees of the Parliament of Ukraine at November 26, 2014 there was organized a discussion about the current state of the market of electronic financial services, as well as the need to improvement of the legislative regulation emission and circulation of electronic money and payment systems «Innovative development of electronic financial market. Newest information and payment technologies».

The event was attended by over 60 people. Government authorities Office of the President of Ukraine; Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the National Bank of Ukraine, Ministry of Finance of Ukraine.
Among the participants, who actively discussed the development of the market of electronic financial services, were representatives of the banking sector, businesses, associations, and First Secretary of the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Ukraine and Moldova.
Andriy Biryukov, President of the NGO «IT-Alliance», noted that the liberalization of the market of electronic financial services, the introduction of new payment technologies is an instrument of deregulation, way to improve the level of non-cash payments and methods of struggle with the shadow cash turnover.

In particular, they discussed aspects of data protection in the provision of electronic services and the latest developments in cybersecurity.

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