National Security Alliance

The aim of National Security Alliance (NSA) is to integrate all available and produced curriculum, methodics and tools for providing training and consultancy services in the area of cyber security assessment and management for institutions and industry acting in different application domains:

  • Human {People; Homeland};
  • Business {Banking; Web & E-business; Telecommunications};
  • Safety Critical {Aviation; Space; NPP; Power Grid; Railway}.

The structure of alliance comprises 7 offices to be incorporated at the involved department of each Ukrainian university from consortia:

Each office will be specialized for the specific application domain with planned hardware/software and literature and thus be responsible for networking and cooperating of research and development, academic and industrial partners acting in the respective domain.

Department of computer systems and networks of National Aerospace Universtiy KhAI, will be assigned the leading office according to the preliminary partners’ agreement. Each centre will include 2 rooms with the total floor space 60 sq. m. One room is intended for seminars/consulting sessions and the other room will accommodate the local NSA office director, expert and an assistant.

The consultants for the consulting/training subject areas are to be selected from the appropriate target departmental R&D staff and/or partner enterprise and employed on a staff contract and paid through the income generated by respective NSA office.

The functions of each office include training and consulting activities for wide target groups (MSc and PhD students, administrative R&D staff at partner universities and market customers) in the area of Cyber security assessment and management:

  • Training of master and doctoral students with development master programme on Security and Resilience (specific target group 1);
  • Providing in-service training sessions using the 3 developed in-service modules CT-A…CT-C. The lecturers from partner universities will be invited to carry out the training event for a specific group of external participants in such seminar (specific target group 2);
    1. CT-A. Modern Technologies of Security Assessment
    2. CT- B. Modern Technologies of Security and Resilience
    3. CT-C. Security Assurance Cases
  • Providing consulting activities for the companies and individuals in the area of Cyber Security assessment and management (specific target group 3):
    • Creating & Assessing Risk Methodologies
    • End User Security Awareness Training
    • Penetration Testing
    • Security Infrastructure Architecture
    • Security Posture & Risk Assessments
    • Vulnerability Testing



UABNBU: Department of Information Technologies and Systems (appr. 40 persons in the 2014/15 ac. year);
TNTU: Department of Computer Systems and Networks (appr. 80 persons in the 2014/15 ac. year);
KhAI: Department of Computer Systems and Networks (appr. 85 persons in the 2014/15 ac. year) and Department of Software Engineering (appr. 55 persons in the 2014/15 ac. year);
ICSIS: Department of Computer and Information Technologies and Systems (appr. 60 persons in the 2014/15 ac. year) and Department of System Engineering (appr. 80 persons in the 2014/15 ac. year).
DIIT: Department of software systems (appr. 50 persons in the 2014/15 ac. year) and Intelligent Transport Systems (appr. 35 persons in the 2014/15 ac. year)
USIF: Department of Cybernetics and Computing Machinery (appr. 70 persons in the 2014/15 ac. year);
TI EUNU: Department of Computer Engineering (appr. 65 persons in the 2014/15 ac. year).



  1. Master and doctoral students of engineering specialties at different Ukrainian universities with developed master programme — no less than 700 persons;
  2. External participants, individual and corporate customers, NGOs, local authorities applying for in-service training sessions – approx. 120 persons a year;
  3. Regional and national R&D companies, individuals applying for consulting activities in the area of Cyber Security assessment and management – approx. 70 customers a year.