Technological Institute of East Ukrainian National University with the support of National Aerospace University “KhAI”, organized special workshop and technical meeting on Tempus SEREIN project «Cybersecurity and resilience for human and industry related domains» in frame of the Conference on Theoretical and Applied Computer Science and Information Technologies TACSIT-2015.

The workshop was intended to promote discussions and exchange experience between specialists in all areas of cyber security and industry partners.  The technical program of the workshop consists of presentations based on submitted abstracts.

Submitted abstracts can cover any aspect of cyber security and critical infrastructure protection including, but not limited to the following:

  • Fundamentals of Resilient Computing
  • Systems and Networks Security and Resilience
  • Human-Machine Engineering for Resilient Systems
  • Risk Analysis of SoS Security and Resilience
  • Secure and Resilient PLD-Based systems
  • Formal and Intellectual Methods for System Security and Resilience
  • Security and Resilience of Web- and Cloud-Systems
  • Security Management Systems
  • Techniques and Tools for Networks Security Assessment
  • Techniques and Tools for Industry FPGA-Based Systems Security
  • Security and Resilience Assurance Cases

SEREIN workshop meeting Program

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