On Saturday, September 19, at National Aerospace Universtiy «KhAI», department of computer systems and networks, the workshop dedicated to problems of cybersecurity of programmable logic controllers (PLC)  and FPGA-based systems was organized jointly by department of computer systems and networks of National Aerospace Universtiy «KhAI», research and production corporation Radiy, Center for safety infrastructure-oriented research and analysis.

The main issues discussed were devoted to technological and educational aspects of the developmemt of a platform for the testing of industrial cyber security systems on programmable logic.

The seminar was held as part of the projects under Tempus programmes: SEREIN (Modernization of postgraduate studies on security and resilience for human and industry related domains) CABRIOLET (Model-oriented approach and intelligent knowledge-based system for evolvable academia-industry cooperation in electronic and computer engineering) and CERES (Centers of excellence for young researchers).

Presentations are available HERE.

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